Energy Work


Mind, Body & Spirit Salon


As I was looking back through some of my old writings for possible inspiration to describe my websites energy work page, I ran across these questions and statements I wrote pondering my own spiritual journey back in 2009. 

What would bring me the most joy and fulfillment?  What would relax my body and make me happy?  What sparks and fans my internal flame (my spirit)?

Making spiritual information accessible to all who seek its wisdom.  Being able to relate it to people and their spirits in ways that truly speaks to them and resonates with them and helps reawaken their own inner truth and connectedness. 

Bringing forth into this reality the higher vibrational abilities that can and will be accessible to all.  Helping open the knowingness of our abilities and extra sensory talents breaking through the dam allowing an access point for it to start flowing through.  The more it is seen being done the more people will believe they too can do and use their abilities and sensory perceptions.

By fully embracing and integrating what I hold true and sacred for my spirits connectedness with all that is.  Allowing and honoring the intention in everything I do in this reality and beyond.

Having a clear and focused channel to the higher vibrational and helping beings that choose to assist me on this wonderful Journey and Service to humanity.

Time to fully immerse, honor and develop all of these Spiritual Cravings without worry of time, money and others fear based beliefs affecting me or getting in the way. 

Stop taking care of others at the expense of me, what my body, mind & spirit needs.

True freedom from the mental, physical and spiritual restrictions this world imposes on us.

Being a Reiki Master and Vibrational Healing Practitioner, as well as empathic, highly sensitive and intuitive through many pathways, allows me to sense the energetic levels of peoples physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.  With the utilization of a variety of techniques I strive to balance and smooth out the unnatural flow of energy through the body while trying to remove mental blockages or psyche patterning that may be holding on to the undesired flow patterns. 

Our bodies run on energy, from our nervous system, firing of chemicals in our brain, heart (electricity is used to restart a heart when stopped and controls the beats), down to every cell that is in our body, we are energetic beings wrapped up in a physical package.  We have chakra systems that feed and supply our organs with energy to function (like we breath air to live, our body “breaths” energy through our chakras to keep us alive).  If the energy flow is restricted, blocked or damaged due to trauma (physical, mental or emotional) then the body cannot work the way it was designed to and we may start having physical, mental or emotional repercussions. 

Every person and physical body is unique in how it needs to unwind its energetic damage.  

Energy work can not only be used to help keep us balanced but can also assist in connecting us with our spirit and following our path.

Reiki utilizes the directing of energy through one person to another usually through the hands.

Vibrational work utilizes frequencies in essential oils, sound, color, gemstones as well as conscious/subconscious exploration such as spirit journeys, cellular consciousness work, present/past life regressions, core belief reprogramming and releasing the hold of abuse, negative energy or entities.

Multi-level Energy Assessment and re-calibration

We will explore what your energetic fields are holding on to and telling us about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of being.  I will be checking outer fields, chakras, cord conditions (your connection with other people), other points in the body that relate to how we are functioning in this world, as well as looking for attachments, fissures and vulnerable spots.  Utilizing intuition, directed energy, gem stones, essential oils and/or other modalities; we will work to bring you into balance with your true energetic resonance. 

Spirit Guided Therapy/Intuitive Counseling

Connecting in with my Spirit Guides and Divine Source as well as your own personal guides/helpers allows us to help you sift through life’s turmoil, stressors, blockages… from bumps in your path to full life quakes.  I will assist you in navigating your journey, aligning with your Spirit, finding your inner peace and calm and empowering you to gain control of your life from an inner perspective instead of an outer domination.

Utilizing talk therapy along with Energy therapy expedites your healing process and builds a stronger, more stable foundation for you to make progress now, as well as manage future events in your life with more insight, clarity and strength. 

Talking to an objective person allows one to mentally express and process the inner thoughts that repeat in our minds, which hinder us from moving past them and effectively dealing with the situation.  When we explore issues that trigger emotional reactions in your life it can give us a chance to heal old wounds, belief systems and remove blockages that may be holding you back from who you feel like you truly are to be or worse creating dis-ease in you body.

When one incorporates energetic balancing techniques, the scabs that are peeled back when verbalizing our most vulnerable emotions are not just left to fester because the hour has past and you have to get off the “couch” so the next open sore can sit down, instead it allows the chance for the most dynamic and powerful healing on a energetic and soul level to take place.  It provides the strongest point for the energetic fields in your body in tune with your emotional and mental bodies to fully seal and heal without scabs that can be reopened which is to say you will never be effected the same by the given situation again.  You may be aware of how it use to feel and how it is different now but it will not shake you down to the core in the same way.

Utilizing these two forms of therapy together can shave years off the standard talk therapy regimen.  Because of this many more layers and issues can be addressed mentally, physically and emotionally over a period of time propelling one faster and stronger along their path and enabling them to enjoy more of their life in the process.    

Becoming engaged in the unfolding of your own life, enjoying being present in the moment while actually seeing the experience of life moving all around you is so much more rewarding and peaceful than feeling like the waves of life are crashing down on top of you and thrashing you around.  Which way would you prefer to live the rest of your life?

Metaphysical, Spiritual & Extra Sensory

Support and Guidance  

Trying to live with heightened sensitivities, whether you have had them all your life or are experiencing them for the first time, can range from excitement to being difficult to down right scary for a lot of people especially if you don’t know who you can safely talk to about your experiences.  You do not have to live in fear.  I believe in empowering people with knowledge and support so they can learn how to work with their sensitivities and not be a captive of them.

Foot Massage

Who doesn’t love a foot massage?  How about enhancing it with essential oils?  Not only can you get the relaxing benefits from having your feet enjoyably rubbed, when you incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils with reflexology points on the soles and surrounding areas of your feet, (which are direct pathways to all organs, systems and areas of your body), you receive an amazing experience with healing and immune enhancing qualities that provide a longer lasting beneficial effect.  Also it raises your vibration, oxygenates the blood and reduces stress.  What a treat!

Want an even more delectable experience?  Try adding a hand and head/ear massage to your treatment.  (They have reflex points as well). 

Intuitive readings

See what messages are coming through for you at this time and utilize energy work to set the intentions, clear blockages and help you incorporate the possibilities on a whole new deeper level of your being.

House Cleansing

Houses and places of business can retain the energy of all the people that have come through or lived there, emotionally charged events that transpired on the property as well as spirits and entities that may linger and residual energies from items brought into the house.  The environment can also be impacted by the energy of neighboring people or businesses spilling over into what should be your sanctuary.  Clearing up and sealing out non-beneficial energies can have a positive effect on maintaining your health as well as enjoying the feel of your living space.  Your home should be a safe place for you to recharge and re-balance you energy, if it isn’t than something is draining your vital energy whether it is a person that lives with/near you or something else energetically disturbing the flow and stability of your surroundings.  Assessing and addressing the issues can be life changing.